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Friday, 10 June 2016

Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse Gas ,GHG is a gas in the atmosphere that  absorbs and emits radiation within the thermal infrared range . Greenhouse gases are the major causes of climate change .                                                                                                      
Primary Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere are methane ,CH4, nitrogen dioxide ,n20 , carbon iv oxide , CO2 , Water vapour ,H2O , and Ozone , O3 .Secondary Greenhouse Gases are Sulphur hexafluoride , Hydrofluorocarbon , perfluorocarbons , nitrogen trifluoride , oxides of lead etc .             
Must of the Secondary Greenhouse Gases as of a result of human activities on earth ,such as gas flaring , àgricultural activities , deforestation , combustion from cars , industries etc. This brings about Climate change and global warming problems as a result of the greenhouse effects .                      

Most of the environmental activists would not even go in details telling people the causes of climate change during their advocacies . People need to be told what are the Major things in the atmosphere that are causing the climate change or global warming . Although must of the environmental activists are not even environmentalists by profession , they just dabble into the advocacy trying their own best .                   
Importance of Greenhouse Gases ,GHG.                                              Trap heat from the sun and warm the planet earth surface . Greenhouse gas especially Ozone  blocks harmful ultra violet rays from heating our bodies . Greenhouse gases are essential for life on earth , without them the temperature on earth would drop from 15'celcious to -18’celcious , which would be dangerous for our survival ,

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