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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

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Friday, 10 June 2016

Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse Gas ,GHG is a gas in the atmosphere that  absorbs and emits radiation within the thermal infrared range . Greenhouse gases are the major causes of climate change .                                                                                                      
Primary Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere are methane ,CH4, nitrogen dioxide ,n20 , carbon iv oxide , CO2 , Water vapour ,H2O , and Ozone , O3 .Secondary Greenhouse Gases are Sulphur hexafluoride , Hydrofluorocarbon , perfluorocarbons , nitrogen trifluoride , oxides of lead etc .             
Must of the Secondary Greenhouse Gases as of a result of human activities on earth ,such as gas flaring , àgricultural activities , deforestation , combustion from cars , industries etc. This brings about Climate change and global warming problems as a result of the greenhouse effects .                      

Most of the environmental activists would not even go in details telling people the causes of climate change during their advocacies . People need to be told what are the Major things in the atmosphere that are causing the climate change or global warming . Although must of the environmental activists are not even environmentalists by profession , they just dabble into the advocacy trying their own best .                   
Importance of Greenhouse Gases ,GHG.                                              Trap heat from the sun and warm the planet earth surface . Greenhouse gas especially Ozone  blocks harmful ultra violet rays from heating our bodies . Greenhouse gases are essential for life on earth , without them the temperature on earth would drop from 15'celcious to -18’celcious , which would be dangerous for our survival ,

Monday, 30 May 2016

The Organic Agriculture .

Organic Agriculture is the fast emerging sector within the food industry . Basically due to increasing awareness amongst consumers about their health and environment. Large number of people are drifting to organic diet and this also led to an increase in number of farmers living the old method of farming which involve use of agrochemicals  , embracing the Organic method which is environment -friendly .                                                                                                            
End users have realized that the Old Farming method which involve use of agrochemicals is somewhat dangerous to their health and environment. It shows no slowing down in embracing the bio or organic agriculture that is healthier to Humans , animals and environment .                                              
The transition to Organic Agriculture and the use of environmentally friendly pesticides , herbicides , weedicides , and organic fertilizers from the prominent Manufacturers on crops is very vital  for Farmers in any type of Agriculture , be it Mechanized or Subsistence agriculture .                                    
                           Importance of Organic Agriculture , IOA.                   1. Very easy method 2. Reduce cost of production 3 .Healthy soil 4. Generate more income 5 .Healthier for Human and good for environment

Thursday, 5 May 2016

How accessible are the Agricultural loans in Nigeria ? It is been long that we have been hearing this stories in Nigeria .From Radio stations , TV stations , News paper pages and Magazines etc. Are this loans accessible to ordinary Nigerians? The loans are not easily accessible to young Nigerians. Where on earth that poor young person that is looking for a loan would afford a collateral in an urban area ? Even if these loans are available the interest rates are high. The truth is , the people in charge of this loans are not helping the matter .Even the loans they claimed they released recently to Central Bank of Nigeria and Bank Of Industry ,BOI , is not easy accessing them .It is very difficult and frustrating trying to apply for Agricultural loans from this institutions .If really the government want to diversifying the economy to agriculture and really want to encourage young people to venture into Agribusiness , it is high time for them to make the loans easy and accessible, if they will never get any reasonable result from Agricultural sector in Nigeria.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


The time has come for each and every NIGERIAN , if possible the entire AFRICANS  to embrace agriculture and also realize to take good care of their immediate environment. With the recent dwindling in the price of crude oil , it is now glaring that the time for depending on fossil oil is almost over. Agriculture is the way forward