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Monday, 30 May 2016

The Organic Agriculture .

Organic Agriculture is the fast emerging sector within the food industry . Basically due to increasing awareness amongst consumers about their health and environment. Large number of people are drifting to organic diet and this also led to an increase in number of farmers living the old method of farming which involve use of agrochemicals  , embracing the Organic method which is environment -friendly .                                                                                                            
End users have realized that the Old Farming method which involve use of agrochemicals is somewhat dangerous to their health and environment. It shows no slowing down in embracing the bio or organic agriculture that is healthier to Humans , animals and environment .                                              
The transition to Organic Agriculture and the use of environmentally friendly pesticides , herbicides , weedicides , and organic fertilizers from the prominent Manufacturers on crops is very vital  for Farmers in any type of Agriculture , be it Mechanized or Subsistence agriculture .                                    
                           Importance of Organic Agriculture , IOA.                   1. Very easy method 2. Reduce cost of production 3 .Healthy soil 4. Generate more income 5 .Healthier for Human and good for environment

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